The mission of the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District is to promote wise management of our natural resources through a wide variety of quality conservation and educational programs to the landowners, land-users and municipalities of Franklin County. The District works to preserve soil and water resources, improve water quality, control and prevent soil erosion, prevent floodwater and sediment damages, control and abate nonpoint sources of pollution, assist in the control of floods, prevent impairment of dams and reservoirs, maintain navigability of rivers and harbors, assist in the drainage and irrigation of ag lands, preserve wildlife, protect tax base, protect public lands, protect and promote the health, safety and general welfare of people of this state and  encourage use of ag land for recreational uses.  Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District is one of 58 Conservation Districts in New York State and one of many in the United States. Working together with individuals and coordinating with other agencies, the District provides technical assistance as well as education on soil, water, and related natural resources. See the list below of some of the services we can offer to you!

-Agricultural Environmental Management

-Grazing Plans

-Forestry Services

-Erosion Control

-NYSDEC and US Army Corps Permits

-Erosion and Sediment Control

-Agricultural Waste Management

-Barnyard Designs

-Hydroseeder Rental


-Farm Conservation Practices

-Conservation Planning

-Water Test Pick-Up/Drop-off Location

-Mine Land Reclamation Plans

-Stormwater Recommendations and Development

-GIS Mapping

-USGS Topographic Maps and Current and Historic Aerial Photography for Franklin County