Franklin County Recreational Trials Association, Inc.

Founded in 2011, by Dan Crippen, Dave Rhodes and Ray Miles.

The mission of the Franklin County Recreational Trails Association is to establish a recreational trail system to promote safe recreational opportunities, conservation and improve the economy in Franklin County.

Members: Dan Crippen, Dave Rhodes, Ray Miles, Judy and Larry LaBarre, Mike Lee, Theron White, Tim Lashomb, Billy Jones, Dave Siskavich, John Mills, Tim Burpoe, Connie Jenkins

Currently the Association is in the process of planning and developing a multi-use trail system to cross Franklin and Clinton Counties from West to East and North to South.

The Association is looking for landowners that are willing to allow access via easement on to their lands for motorized four-wheeled bikes, bikes, horses, hikers and other recreational uses. The Association will provide liability insurance for the easement; however will not purchase an easement. The Association is also willing to construct, maintain and police the easement area to ensure safe recreational opportunities for all.


The Association recommends:

Always ride within your limits, the limits of your machine and the limits of the trail.

• Helmets are REQUIRED. Full safety gear including gloves, a long sleeve shirt or jersey and boots are highly recommended.

• Keep your machine in top shape. Tires, brakes and cables should be inspected every time you ride.

• Consult your owners’ manual and comply with the safety standards set forth for your machine.

• Make sure that your machine complies with all local and State requirements.

• Only one rider per vehicle. (Unless the machine is specifically designed for two-up riding or has an approved seat). Consult your owner’s manual for seat configurations.

• No drinking and driving

• Be courteous to other riders.

• Be respectful to trail patrols and local law enforcement. • Stay on the posted trails at all times.

• Ride single file on the trails.

• Follow posted speeds.

• Do not be destructive, to the land or to the animals that inhabit the land. • Be respectful of creek crossings.

• Be especially respectful to the landowners who allow us to recreate on their property.


 The Franklin County ATV & Recreational Trails Advisory Committee was established by the Franklin County Legislature in September of 2009, and was charged with investigating the possibility of a county-wide ATV trail system.

  •  Resolution from Franklin County Legislators- Sept 2011 (attached)

County wide meeting for interested trail users- Sept 2011- At this meeting a sub-committee was formed to proceed with the development of the 501(c)(3).


  • By-laws established, Officers- Sept 2011
  • Received 501(c)3 status- Nov/Dec 2011
  • Tread Lightly! Member since Jan 2012
  • Began development of the General Environmental Impact Statement- Nov-Current

(Franklin County Soil and Water (FCSWCD) are the lead on this document)

  • Establishment of Website, Facebook and Email- Nov-Dec 2011

  •   Communicating with St Lawrence and Clinton County on Connections of Trails between counties.
  • Trail Mapping including NYSDEC coverages, sensitive habitats, wetlands, NYSDEC preserve lands, ect.- Sept 2011-Currently
  • Determining specific location of trail with parcels- Dec 2011-current
  • Funding- donations from local ATV and Sportsman Groups. Accounts at FCSWC
  • Meetings- by-weekly since September 2011
  • Developing Memorandum of Understanding with Franklin County- Currently
  • Investigating Insurance options and costs- November 2011-Currently
  • Drafted Easement Paperwork to secure access on private lands. Approved by Jon Miller- Franklin County Attorney

Important Links:


2012 Acess agreement

trail specs and info


Contact Us:

Franklin County Recreational Trails Association

151 Finney Blvd

Malone, NY 12953

(518) 651.2097