Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM)

With agriculture recognized as a potential source of pollution, NYS Ag and Markets, NYS DEC and NYS Soil and Water Conservation Committee, have been working for years to develop a coordinated format for dealing with potential water quality problems of farms.  The Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) program is the framework, which while used for the last several years, has recently been codified into NYS law for dealing specifically with non-point source pollution on farms.

For those not familiar with the AEM, it is a consistent, structured framework for farms in the State to protect and enhance the environment while maintaining economic viability.  It is a process consisting of 5 tiers, or steps. These steps are used to take an inventory of the ag. operation, document existing environmental stewardships, identify any environmental concerns, develop a plan to deal with the environmental concerns, and the implementation of the plan and/or solutions to the environmental issues.

You can begin the AEM process by completing  the Tier1Questionnaire.  Please email the questionnaire to or mail it to 151 Finney Blvd., Malone NY 12953.  If you have any question please call our office at 518-651-2097